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Terms and Conditions & FAQ

Fohlio Referral Program Frequently Asked Questions:

1. My company pays for my account. If I refer a friend, does my company get the gift card?

Nope! We deliver a digital gift card to your email. So, as long your account with us is under your email account, that money goes straight to you. 

2. What is a digital gift card?

It’s like a regular credit card-style gift card, but instead of waiting for it in the mail, we give you the card number, the security code, the expiration date—and whatever other information a credit card has—online. That way, you can spend that $10 as soon as you earn it.

3. How can I know if my friend becomes a Fohlio user via the referral?

Each Fohlio user’s referral widget will generate a unique tracking link with cookies that identify the users who visit that link and becomes paid user. You will be able to see the name of friends who signed up via referral and if they have become a paid user.

4. How does the Referral Program work?

Register for the Fohlio referral program and get your own referral tracking URL. 
Then, send a referral email to a friend or family member, or post a referral on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll track who uses your unique referral and if your friend signs up for a fully upgraded plan, you’ll earn $10 in the form of a digital giftcard.

5. How many people can I refer?

You can refer an unlimited number of friends, and we encourage you to share with as many friends as you think they will benefit from using Fohlio in their projects. 

6. Who is eligible to participate in the Referral Program?

You just have to have an account with us. If you can sign-in, you can tell your friends about Fohlio and get paid for it.

In order to earn a reward, your friend must be a
 new paying customer. That is, we’re not shelling out $10 smackers for someone who already has an account with us. 

7. Once I earn a referral, when will I receive my reward?

Within two to three business days of your referral's conversion to a paid user, a digital visa card will be emailed to you via

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Fohlio referral program, which we will just call the Referral Program. You’ll find all the legal terms and conditions further down the page, but here are the basics: Fohlio has developed specification platform for which we provide premium subscription services. When you refer someone to Fohlio, and they purchase a paid subscription for our services, you’ll each receive a $10 prepaid gift card, subject to the Terms and Conditions below.

How to Register to be a Qualified Referrer:
In order to be a part of the Referral Program and to receive any prepaid gift cards, you must first register at this Referral Link. Once you sign up, you will be a Qualified Referrer. There are exceptions, however. Fohlio employees, staff, directors, officers, agents or other related parties are not eligible to participate in the Referral Program and cannot be Qualified Referrers.How to Refer Other Designers:Once you are a Qualified Referrer, you may refer parties to the Fohlio services to receive your prepaid gift cards, subject to the rules below. Referred parties who sign up for paid subscription services with Fohlio and create an account through your Referral Link are referred to as Referred Users, also subject to the conditions exceptions in the terms below. When the referred parties create an account, that account is called a Referred Account.

Eligible Referrals:
When Referred Users create a paying Referred Account through a Qualified Referrer’s Referral Link, the Qualified Referrer will receive a rewards card, called a Referral Reward, per unit of subscription services associated with a Referred Account which becomes a paying account for Fohlio’s subscription services, subject to the exceptions and these terms and conditions. Referral Rewards:The current Referral Reward is a gift card valued at $10. Referral Rewards are issued in the form of VISA gift cards through Tango Card. The gift card options are subject to change at any time without notice. The Referral Reward that is in effect when the Referred User Party registers under the Referral Program will be the Referral Reward earned. There is a limit of one Referral Reward issued per Referred Party, whether the Referred Party is an individual or an organization.A Qualified Referrer must have a valid email address set up to receive Referral Rewards.

Exceptions to Referrals:
--A Referred User or Referred Account cannot be associated with a Fohlio account which is already a paying account.-- If a Referred User or Referred Account is referred to us by multiple parties, only the Qualified Referrer whose Referral Link was used will have the right to any rewards.-- A Referred User or Referred Account will only be eligible for any rewards upon first payment made under such Referred Account.-- A Qualified Referrer and a Referred User and/or Referred Account cannot have the same IP Address.-- A Qualified Referrer must not have posted their Referral Link on a coupon website or discounts website.-- A Qualified Referrer must not have violated any of the Additional Rules below.Additional Rules:-- No spamming or bulk emailing, or sending of unsolicited emails in volume to potential parties, is allowed to generate referrals. Qualified Referrers may only send emails to people personally known, or who have opted into a Qualified Referrer’s marketing efforts. -- Qualified Referrers are not permitted to share the Referral Link through any form of paid search advertising (Google AdWords, etc.) or paid social media advertising, but may share on personal social media accounts. -- When posting a Referral Link to any public media or social media, the Qualified Referrer must make it clear that the Qualified Referrer expects to receive a Referral Reward for posting the Referral Link.-- Qualified Referrers may in no event attempt to access, manipulate or use the Fohlio software or other intellectual property related to the Referral Program or otherwise, at any time.-- If you receive a Referral Reward, you are responsible for all applicable taxes and fees resulting from it. -- Fohlio is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information supplied by Qualified Referrers or Referred Users while participating in the Referral Program.-- By participating in the Referral Program, you release Fohlio and their agents from all liability, including, without limitation, with respect to the Referral Rewards. -- Fohlio reserves that right to suspend you as a Qualified Referrer from the Referral Program at any time and reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend the Referral Program at any time.-- Qualified Referrers and Referred Users shall indemnify and hold harmless Fohlio from any claims, losses or damages resulting from claims brought against Fohlio for any acts or omission by any party under the Referral Reward Program, including without limitation any claims related to unauthorized representations and warranties made, or violation of obligations under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Not to be combined with any other offer.we reserve the right to change the conditions of this offer at any time.